My dream life in my dream place (Part – 3)

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Suddenly I heard a loud sound, just like a gunshot, we both ran to the window, I asked my husband, what was that? Did someone fall from the top? He said look down and we both were scandalised…. 

Welcome to Brazil, he said. I concluded that’s why he didn’t want us to see the nightlife of Rio. We saw three muscular, topless guys with full body tattoos standing in the middle of the street, one of them had a pistol in his hand, “there you go” Mr. Six packs shot someone, I said. 

It’s not funny, my husband said. I nodded and sat on the chair near the window and started eating pizza. He sat next to me and poured wine into glasses for both of us, for the record I take wine occasionally. We didn’t know what exactly happened, but the next morning when we were checking out from the hotel, the guy on the reception told us this whole shootout was between two mafias, who were fighting to get control on smuggling in Rio and they had some history for this gang war. He mentioned some place called “favela” where they live. It was like a Bollywood movie scene, I wanted to know more but my husband had a meeting in Angra after lunch. We quickly checked out and left the hotel, the same driver who dropped us earlier came to pick us up, by that time we were a little more interactive with him. 

We were 20 miles away from Angra and suddenly the driver asked if we wanted to try fresh chocolate pudding, he could take us, Why not? I said. Oh Gosh, I couldn’t forget that taste for my entire life, it worked like a therapy, melted so smoothly, perfect smell and sweetness. My personal advice for everyone, when no one understands you, chocolate is there. It was like a heaven on earth. So, our gentleman driver didn’t let us pay for the pudding, he said it was his relatives’ shop and they never take money from him. We thanked that kind lady and moved on. 

My Husband dropped me to the apartment and left for the office. I was tired so I didn’t cook anything and had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

The next weekend was a long weekend, I didn’t plan anything but I was anticipating it to be a great one. Wednesday morning my husband told, probably his colleagues were planning a road trip to Paraty on Saturday. Paraty is a preserved Portuguese town, and on Sunday we could go for a boat ride to Ilha Grande beach. I was kind of excited but the trip with total strangers was making me a little anxious. Anyways a day before our trip I decided to go to Piratas Mall for some grocery shopping, snacks for the trip. But as expected I started exploring other shops and suddenly, I found a stationary shop cum art gallery, god always has better plans for me. I bought canvas, painting colors, brushes and other required Items. It was around 5:30 in the afternoon, I called my husband to check if he could pick me up from the mall while coming back from the office, but he was late by an hour. Now I had two options: either I go by myself or wait for him at the mall and explore some more shops. I chose the second one and dropped him a message “still at mall, waiting for you”. He sent me a thumbs up emoji. 

The mall was crowded and after awhile I decided to go to the outer side. Since the mall was beside the sea, all the yachts were parked, and people were hanging out. Back side of the mall had a totally different view, more vibrant with a lot of bars and cafeterias.

It was getting dark and I called my husband again, he was almost reaching. We met and had dinner at one of the restaurants cum bar and walked back to our hotel. Next day morning we were all informed to meet at the hotel lobby at 10 o’clock.

We entered the mini bus, greeted everyone and took the last seat. No one was talking, I was not expecting this silence but could imagine the rest of our trip.

Reached Paraty by 12:30 PM, a very lively town with full of ancient infrastructure and mesmerizingly decorated restaurants and shops which I couldn’t resist entering, I almost checked out all the shops. Best part, it was a restricted road made up of round rocks, only opened for pedestrians. I think we all have beautiful places in our mind to visit and that was one of the places in my mind. The place was meaningful to me because it was a part of the country, I loved the most.

We both were enjoying and had homemade chocolate pastries, I must acknowledge that Brazil has the world’s best chocolate, rich in taste, once it goes into your mouth, it melts your heart and soul.

Me and my husband took a long walk till end of the shops, there we met again a family who came with us for this trip, this time greeting was bit informal and relaxed ,by then it was lunch time and we invited them to have lunch with us, after a while we became friends and I joined the girls gang and boys wanted their space too. We roamed for an hour and bought some souvenirs for family and friends. Since we were asked to reunite at the same point where we were dropped by the driver, we called it a day and headed back to Angra. 

We reached late night, the next day was already planned for a boat trip with the same people and I was hoping for a fun filled day. I asked my husband if we could go again by ourselves to Paraty and he said, why not? seems he liked the place too.

We never knew a speed boat could send us to hell and back, we decided to sit on the front seats and when the boat picked up speed, we barely saw anything, wind was smashing our faces, water was pouring all over us and we both were laughing and laughing like hell. Sometimes in life we consciously make decisions and believe they would be the best for us but turn out to be a nightmare. 

The boat driver took us to the middle of nowhere and asked us to jump into the sea for the sake of fun and that made me laugh out loud, we both are not exactly hydrophobic but diving into the sea is not our cup of tea. We sat back on the boat and the rest of the people jumped with lifesaving jackets, I tried but didn’t work out and after half an hour we left the place and moved to another destination. Ilha grande, an island with astounding beaches, famous for cleanness, white sand and huge waves. Many local people were already there enjoying, some of them were swimming, water surfing, canoeing and jet skiing. I was wondering how comfortable they were with the sea and high waves probably that’s how they were born and brought up. Meanwhile we grabbed drinks and enjoyed the view. By then we all became friends, we clicked pictures, had food and drinks. 

As we were told by the boat driver to reach back before it gets dark, we winded up soon.

While going back we took the last seats, will not screw this time, I thought. But the whole time while going back I was literally laughing to death.

We were all wet by then and usually evenings were much colder than morning,Boat driver dropped us in front of our hotel. I asked to drop by for coffee but everybody was tired so I also didn’t compel.

Next few days were busy, but my visits to Pirata mall were frequent and my research for our next destination was underlined.

Iguazu falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

It was the trip to remember.

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