A Pickle Jar and two little brilliant minds

A five months old girl was waiting for me to be born and to rock the world together. I will always appreciate her patience for those five months without me. LOL …My first ever partner in crime, my cousin Axita. There are many naughty stories behind our unbreakable bond, but few are my personal favourite which were obviously told by our parents. A very well behave, innocent, obedient and peaceful child were none of her characteristics that’s what make her stand out of the crowd and my favourite, now you can judge me too 😉 The 90’s most mischievous children of the family, the tag was given to us.

All summer and winter holidays were together fixed by us where we wanted to spend, but most likely at her place which was my maternal home. Since our grandfather was a renowned politician at that time, so the visitors were very frequent. I remember that day some prestigious guests were coming and our whole family was waiting for them anxiously, preparing traditional cuisine, everyone was dressed decently and of course me and Axita were told to behave our best selves in front of them. Though we were kind of OK till we get the delicious food and few more T&Cs (like don’t throw us out of the room where everyone will be seating, specially dining area). So all’s well that ends well, that’s what our family had in mind after their esteemed guests left, but no one knows where were we.

So here is the innocent crime scene, where two hungry little girls probably 5 years old didn’t get what they wanted but very well knew how to treat themselves. We both were sitting on the dining table and eating mangoes.. Oh pardon me!!! were eating leftover Mango’s peels, that too our guest’s leftover.” Poor us “but I guess we were certainly liking because we finished all and suddenly, we thought that why shouldn’t we explore more mango products which were on the table, like freshly made jar of a mango pickle.

Why these mangoes are in this oil jar? We knew, oil is used for body massage and as a hair oil and of course mangoes we just ate. “Oh, dear lord, how could these elderly people make such a big mistake”. And we took out oil from the pickle jar and started oiling our hair and massaging our face, arms, legs and feet… and boom!!!! we got caught. I still don’t remember who caught us, the only thing I remember is that both of us were crying our eyes out. Our bodies were burning like hell, our faces turned red and we were washed directly by tap water. Thankfully it was summer time and somebody was applying homemade refrigerated butter all over our bodies. Rest everybody was screaming in the background, especially on Axita because she was 5 months older than me and probably someone had also slapped her on her burning hot red cheeks …”Ooops”..As per our elder’s theory, she must be the mastermind behind all this drama and forced me to be her partner in crime, which was logically wrong as she never did anything to provoke me. We were not old enough to understand what is right and wrong. I definitely owe her one. We were capable of thinking outside the box, such calculative and genius minds I must say …this small thing which they didn’t understand, and they separated us for a while.

We didn’t stop till today, we are still making memories in our own respective places.

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