A Pickle Jar and two little brilliant minds

A five months old girl was waiting for me to be born and to rock the world together. I will always appreciate her patience for those five months without me. LOL …My first ever partner in crime, my cousin Axita. There are many naughty stories behind our unbreakable bond, but few are my personal favouriteContinue reading “A Pickle Jar and two little brilliant minds”

You are stronger than you think

Life is like waves in the sea, goes up and down, there are rare swimmers who can swim on those waves without fear and with optimistic attitude. Here’s a story when life gives you an opportunity, but you instead create your own heartbreak. A bright Thursday morning, 6:30 am. “inhaled and exhaled “Like any otherContinue reading “You are stronger than you think”

My dream life in my dream place (Part – 3)

Part 1 – https://myopenbookclub.com/blog-my-dream-in-my-dream-placepart-1/ Part 2 – https://myopenbookclub.com/blog-my-dream-life-in-my-dream-placepart-2/ Suddenly I heard a loud sound, just like a gunshot, we both ran to the window, I asked my husband, what was that? Did someone fall from the top? He said look down and we both were scandalised….  Welcome to Brazil, he said. I concluded that’s why he didn’t want usContinue reading “My dream life in my dream place (Part – 3)”