I remember that Sunday before Chinese New Year 2020, the day was overjoyed with bright sun. I was doing my morning yoga like any ordinary day, my husband was having tea and playing with our son, we all were very enlivened and expecting great time during Chinese’s new year holidays.

My husband’s phone rang it was his Colleague, they spoke for five minutes and suddenly he switched on the television. Breaking news first death in China due to corona virus, Wuhan locked down. Corona virus was all over the news channels, it’s symptoms and how contagious it is,china under corona virus and what not ..
That was scary, we shared glance, but we were kind of relieved since Singapore had no cases by then and we continued with our respective works.

Monday morning, news spread that anybody coming from China had to stay home for 14 days, symptoms and safety measures were getting viral,mean memes were all over the internet. Number of deaths and infected countries were increased over night. Things were getting worst and we were getting worried though, my husband was more than me. Days passed by and number of cases increased in Singapore also along with everywhere across the globe. By that time Chinese New Year was ruined by Covid-19.

Feb’14, my favorite day except my birthday ,”the Valentine’s day” my husband had almost forgotten the day moreover, he was worried, he randomly asked me “what if I send you and baby to India for couple of weeks till the time this whole situation gets better” and he finishes his business trip to USA.
I didn’t take that conversation seriously, but he looked worried. Next day he again asked me the same question and I replied causally, other people like us were also here and he was taking things more seriously than required. We ended the topic for some time.

Feb’18 we were sitting on sofa and watching TV when he again said “just for couple of weeks, understand this is for our baby’s safety. We discussed for hours and he convinced me and in the evening he booked the flights, but my intuitions were telling me something else.

It’s been 7 years we are together as a couple, I barely stayed apart from him since we got married, at least not for this long. We have a beautiful Son, Taksh, he combines are souls, we can go to any extent to make him safe and that’s what we did.

Feb’22, we had flight from Singapore to Delhi, just two females and three of us were in business class. Somewhere my instincts were continuously telling me that “don’t go”, You won’t come back soon. I didn’t know whose aid n advice to seek, those constant intuitions were bothering me, and the only thing came to my mind since we decided to go to India that this time returning will not be easy.

After a little over 5 hours journey, felt little fine, after all that back and forth thoughts I was having until we reached Delhi. My husband had a flight to catch very next day to US, he dropped us at my in-laws place, Chandigarh and that was the last time we were together.

It was cold in Chandigarh those days, we spent a week with Taksh’s grandparents. The days usually passes quite fast, taking care of Taksh and evening walk to Gurdwara sahib, which I loved the most. We had a great time with Taksh’s grandparents though, I have already started missing my Husband and waiting for the day he will be back from US and we will be together again.

After a week me and my son came to my mother’s place, Shimla from Chandigarh. I was contented with my decision for coming to India, probably family reunion has its own magic.We both settled n relaxed. My husband was still in US as his meetings were postponed for another week and his stay got extended. He said ,he will take us back to Singapore once he returns from US. I consolidated and got myself busy in painting. Painting is my passion and gives me peace and strength at the same time, its not less than any poetry that can be seen.

March’10, it was Holi, one of my favorite festival. I love being colored by others. That’s the charm of this festival, more you get colored more you will be happy. Again,a maternal family reunion filled me with delight.
March was full of mood swings and nostalgia. By the mid of march my husband was back in Singapore. Everything was smoothly going as per our intent, he was supposed to come and take us back.
But sometime things don’t work out the way we planned, so did happened to us. His colleague was close suspected of one of the Covid-19 case and they had been working together on a project. Nothing was coincidence, everything happened for a reason, since the virus was contagious enough, we decided to wait for 14 days. Perhaps a wrong decision!!! or we couldn’t take any chance.

March’25, Covid-19 pandemic, first lockdown in India, my brother said, “switch on the television.”
Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi was addressing the nation, he said India needs to be under lockdown for 21 days (25th march to 14th April). I was little regretful for the decision we took, we could have made it but apparently, we didn’t. I rushed to my phone and called my husband, “Tell me this is not happening “ He already knew about the lockdown and didn’t say much as he was expecting this to happen.

April’3, it was my nephew’s 2nd birthday. We celebrated his quarantined birthday with homemade chocolate cake (my first ever attempted) and some decorations. A break from everything is much needed every once in a while, we all were mentally exhausted, and his quarantined birthday helped a lot. In a lighter note April was full of dishes, celebrations and a bit relaxed. Then the run for master Chef stared, suddenly we all became chefs, everyone was showing their interest. Dishes were getting viral; many hashtags were made eg. (#foodporn and #foodgasm) two most ridiculous words I heard. Overnight Facebook and Instagram were full of dishes, hashtags and the whole world was obsessed with food. Then comes fitness era, we all gained few pounds over the weeks, no wonder it was the magic of dishes we made and now it’s time to shred. Nominations and tags got hype on social sites, precisely people were forgetting the Covid-19 pandemic happened to us.

Meanwhile Singapore was going through touch time, increased cases, increased deaths had totally shaken up the government and the circuit breakdown happened. Singapore, one of the strongest countries was quarantined. My Husband started working from home finally and we were all stuck but safe at our respective places. Here comes the twist, we were close to the last day of first lockdown in India and suddenly got to know about the lockdown 2.0, by that time we had accepted this whole home quarantine life style, then this lockdown 3.0. The world was reeling in pandemic, families were apart and were stuck in different counties. Most of the flights had been stopped and borders were sealed.

As I mentioned earlier everything happens for a reason. No doubt this Corona virus pandemic took away a lot from us but gave us something, which we need to understand. Earth is not just people’s home. It is also home to other species we should respect their freedom for life. People will remember this era of pandemic, but this rough patch is a beginning of new life.

May’17, the hope of getting back together soon is still there and will be there always. We miss him, this whole situation made me stronger than before and my love for him is now my strength. I’m sure, soon I will be again on my yoga mat and he will be playing again with our son Taksh .

We miss you Vipul (my husband)


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