Part 1

Rio de Janeiro is a big seaside city of Brazil, famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and of course the famous Christ The Redeemer. The statue is one of the wonders of the world. I was all over again thrilled and zestful. I did a compact packing, Tuesday night we had homemade dinner and slept a bit early as we had to leave for Rio in the morning and my husband had an important meeting lined up. 

Wednesday, we got up before sunrise as planned, again a bullet proof car was waiting for us at the lobby and we started at 6 o’clock. The driver asked my husband if we had had our breakfast, he looked concerned and my husband replied, don’t worry we will pick up something on the way. 

After a while he stopped the car in front of a decent restaurant and asked us to follow him. There was a unique style of buffet, pick anything or everything from the buffet, weigh your food and pay for it based on the weight. Anyways we had breakfast as quickly as possible and thanked the gentleman (our driver) for the quirky style of breakfast. We still had an hour to reach Rio, and I was curious to know the reason for the bullet proof car. Then finally my husband explained to me the whole situation of Rio with smugglers, crime, mafia and all. Didn’t affect me much really then. 

We reached our hotel at sharp 9 o’clock, my husband had to leave for the office with the same driver, so we quickly checked in. Room was spacious and equipped so I didn’t have to worry much. I had my lunch at the hotel’s restaurant and after that went to the reception to check if they could help me with any city tour package. Surprisingly they had many, but they recommended a tour with English speaking guide. I booked a tour for both of us for Saturday.

Thursday was again a busy day for my husband, but I enjoyed being alone in the hotel. I went to a swimming spa and collected all the required information regarding the tour and things which we could do on Sunday.

Here comes my day, we woke up early and got ready for the tour with the essential things. We had to reach the hotel lobby by 8 o’clock to start our tour. A minivan was waiting for us with a tour guide and a few other people joining the tour. We hopped on and greeted everyone. Olá , the tour guide, explained to us about the places we were going to visit. 

The first destination was Christ The Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the world, now I agree it truly deserves the status, it is located at the top of the Corcovado mountain, criss- cross road lined with trees on both the sides, little breeze and wonderful weather, we were blessed. We both were literally thrilled by the view, blue sea all around and we could see ships anchored. We clicked a few pictures and took a stairway to reach Christ, Jesus Christ’s statue is 30 meters (98ft) high and arms stretched 28 meters (92ft) wide. We were totally into the view and decided to sit for a while and enjoyed some Brazilian coffee. At some places time is never enough, this is one of them, but we had to be back at the parking lot so with a heavy heart we moved on.

The next destination was the famous SugarLoaf mountain. The view was as spectacular as Corcovado mountain, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loaf sugar and it was out into the Atlantic Ocean, only a rope way was the way to reach the mountain from the harbor, we instantly planned our lunch date on Sugar Loaf and our tour guide helped us. 

After an amazing date, we moved to the next destination which was the Historical Church named after a saint, The Metropolitan Cathedral Saint Sebastian Church. The whole interior was made up of glass and it was so peaceful inside the church. Pictures were prohibited so we couldn’t take any pictures inside, but we captured a few from outside for remembrance.

Next came the Maracanã stadium famed for Soccer games. Our tour guide told us about the victories and cups won in the stadium. Soccer always reminds me of my favorite player Pelé and his struggle for the game, it’s always inspiring.

The last two destinations were Escadaria Selaron, the most famous tiled stairs and The Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí famed for the world’s biggest carnival and samba dance. By the time we all were drained out since it was a hot sunny day finally the tour ended on a happy note. I remember we were getting out of the van, but my instincts were saying that I will again go on this trip, it was probably my love for Rio. The day was so amazingly spent and had lots of good memories to sleep with. I can’t forget that night, I slept like a little baby relaxed and satisfied, I never understood the affection I have for this city.

Sunday morning was again planned but only I knew the plan as I hadn’t told my husband yet. He woke up a bit late, we both had breakfast at our room, and I shared the plan while eating. Today we will go to Copacabana beach. After that you will take me shopping, he looked at me and nodded as if he didn’t have any better choice. 

I wore my backless, halter neck paired with a short skirt, I was loving it,” when In Rome do as Romans do “and I made a high bun, little makeup and a sling bag for sunglasses, sunscreen, some tissues and money. My Husband came out from the shower, he didn’t expect me to be like that … “Wow ships u look hot” he said, and I had anticipated that expression, naughty me.

Whenever I surprise him like this, his innocent face looks even more cute. I had bought him new Esprit shorts and white T-shirt from Tommy. He was surprised and hugged me tight, how do you do all this? he asked, I just smiled and didn’t say anything, perhaps he knew how.

We took a direct cab to the beach and we reached within 25 mins to the most fashionable beach, famed for its crescent-shape, which draws a diverse crowd for sunbathing and socializing, we both had never seen this clean and clear beach before, we hired two chairs and big umbrella and those guys did the whole setup for us. The waves were touching our feet. We sat there for a long time and grabbed beer and coke, beautiful people were all around us, I must say Brazil has taken all the beauty from the rest of the world. There were many sidewalk cafes and casual bars lined in tranquil streets. We decided to take a beach walk. 

After a while I asked him if we could go to see the nightlife in Rio, “it’s not safe and don’t compel me”, he said. We didn’t talk much after this disagreement, but I knew I could make him agree. Let’s see, I said, and we took a cab back to the hotel. We ordered pizza, dark chocolate cake and wine for dinner in our room only.

Suddenly I heard a loud sound just like a gunshot, we both ran to the window, I asked my husband, what was that? Did someone fall from the top? He said look down and we both were scandalised…. 

Part 3

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